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Re: Restricted Exit Policy Port Suggestions?

(sorry for the top posting, I do not believe my phone can bottom post.)

Slightly OT but in response to the US ISP comment:

Until recently (my motherboard gave out) the ISP Xmission was great about my server and dmca. I let them know about my tor node and the several dozen takedowns I received afterwards were ignored by them---not to mention everyone I have interacted with there has been very friendly and knowledgeable (and my residental speed was $60/month for 50 Mbps full duplex with fiber!) :)

I figure there are still a few small ISPs out there which haven't had the chilling effect take hold.

Kasimir Gabert

On Aug 11, 2010 7:09 AM, "Harry Hoffman" <hhoffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my opinion, more often then not DMCA takedown requests center around
file-sharing and also more often then not the takedown requests actually
have validity to them.

There are certainly instances where takedown requests are incorrect but
the frequency of them isn't high (again, my opinion).

My $0.02, after having processed many a takedown request.

If you want to exclude p2p, then I would bet that the amount of abuse
reports would plummet.


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