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Re: blutmagie TNS / v0.2.2.15 nodes

Hi Olaf,

On 8/25/10 12:10 PM, Olaf Selke wrote:
> blutmagie Tor network status site apparently displays incorrect
> bandwidth values for all nodes running version Unlike other
> tns sites blutmagie calculated bw as an average from the extra-info data
> instead of using the bw peak value. So far I don't have a clue what's
> going wrong. The extra-info format might have changed or my Perl script
> populating the mysql db might be buggy.
> Blutmagie4 which is is running v0.2.2.14 for testing purpose still shows
> up with the correct bw
> http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php?SR=Bandwidth&SO=Desc. All
> nodes like trusted, teunTest, or the other three blutmagie
> nodes are displayed with a bw being obviously much too low.

This might be related to:

Changes in version - 2010-08-18
    - Relays report the number of bytes spent on answering directory
      requests in extra-info descriptors similar to {read,write}-history.
      Implements enhancement 1790.

There are now two new lines "dirreq-read-history ..." and
"dirreq-write-history ..." containing the bytes spent on the dir
protocol. Maybe TNS greps for "read-history" and not "^read-history"
when parsing descriptors?

I'll have more time to investigate this tomorrow. Please let me know if
you find something interesting in the meantime.

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