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Re: blutmagie TNS / v0.2.2.15 nodes

Am 25.08.2010 12:35, schrieb Karsten Loesing:
> On 8/25/10 12:10 PM, Olaf Selke wrote:
>> blutmagie Tor network status site apparently displays incorrect
>> bandwidth values for all nodes running version Unlike other
>> tns sites blutmagie calculated bw as an average from the extra-info data
>> instead of using the bw peak value.


> This might be related to:
> Changes in version - 2010-08-18
>     - Relays report the number of bytes spent on answering directory
>       requests in extra-info descriptors similar to {read,write}-history.
>       Implements enhancement 1790.
> There are now two new lines "dirreq-read-history ..." and
> "dirreq-write-history ..." containing the bytes spent on the dir
> protocol. Maybe TNS greps for "read-history" and not "^read-history"
> when parsing descriptors?

yes exactly!

And cause the dirreq-history data lines are displayed behind the
ordinary read/write history data, the script summed up the dirreq
bandwidth. Thus blutmagie tns mistakenly displayed the (correct)
directory request bandwidth for all nodes. This is fixed now.

regards Olaf
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