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blutmagie TNS / v0.2.2.15 nodes

hi there,

blutmagie Tor network status site apparently displays incorrect
bandwidth values for all nodes running version Unlike other
tns sites blutmagie calculated bw as an average from the extra-info data
instead of using the bw peak value. So far I don't have a clue what's
going wrong. The extra-info format might have changed or my Perl script
populating the mysql db might be buggy.

Blutmagie4 which is is running v0.2.2.14 for testing purpose still shows
up with the correct bw
http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php?SR=Bandwidth&SO=Desc. All nodes like trusted, teunTest, or the other three blutmagie
nodes are displayed with a bw being obviously much too low.

keep you posted
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