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Re: Tor Project 2008 Tax Return Now Online

On Tue, 17 Aug 2010 09:05:27 -0700
Julie C <julie@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> But from an organizational, big picture view, I think it is clearly time for
> them to bring in some evangelical fundraisers to move the Project forward.
> There is a great base to build on. There is a great story to tell. But think
> about it this way - how far is the Project going to go, how successful will
> it be, with the inspirational leaders spending most of their time fixing
> bugs, doing commits, living in the code, and such.

What do you expect the Tor Project to do with zillions of dollars?
Using donated funds to operate more relays, bridges, and exit nodes
won't help much -- Tor nodes need to be dispersed among as many
different operators and ISPs as possible.  Using donated funds to
improve the Tor software is a good thing, but there is a limit to how
much money can be thrown at that -- Tor developers must be competent
programmers, and must understand the Tor software and protocol well.

Also, remember that Tor's opponents would put much more effort into
blocking Tor if it were heavily promoted in the Western media.  (China
and Iran are not Tor's only opponents -- here in the US, misguided
politicians want to criminalize operating a Tor relay (see S. 436

> Also if you are challenging me to speak up, well here I am, and here I will
> continue to be. Personally I am also looking at what part of the Tor
> software I can work on myself as part of my upcoming thesis term at school
> ...

What are you studying?  Perhaps we can help you find a way to work on

Robert Ransom

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