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Why does Gmail claim Tor IPs are located in one country when blutmagie.de claims they are located in a different country?


I don't understand this.

I go to http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/ and have a look at the exit node "gigatux" called emohawk2.gigatux.com and located at

This appears to be located in the UK according to blutmagie.de. 

When I go to www.ip2location.com it tells me:

IP Address :
Latitude / Longitude : 54.15 LATITUDE, -4.473 LONGITUDE
Connecting through : RAPIDSWITCH LTD

However, when I log into Gmail and click the "details" button which provides me with the "Activity Information" I am informed that:

This computer is using IP address (United States (MA)

This is not the first time I have seen Gmail (Google Mail) claim an exit node is from a location which exit node websites (like blutmagie.de) disagree.  Why in this case, for example, is Gmail claiming the exit node IP is in the USA rather than the UK?