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Re: Why does Gmail claim Tor IPs are located in one country when blutmagie.de claims they are located in a different country?

 I go to http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/ and have a look at the exit
node "gigatux" called emohawk2.gigatux.com and located at

This appears to be located in the UK according to blutmagie.de.
whois and RIPE agree with blutmagie.  Gmail is wrong.  Perhaps they use
different geoip databases.

If you look at your circuits, are you exiting from the UK or do you
have split circuits where some may be going to gstatic.com through
another place?

I am not sure what "split circuits" are but I assume it is where multiple exit nodes are used to access the website.

In this case I was using "gigatux" with StrictExitNodes = 1 so AIUI all traffic is accessing Gmail (and therefore gstatic.com) via one node based in the UK.
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