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Re: torcheck failing in reality

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Praedor Atrebates, on 08/18/2010 06:45 PM, wrote:
> I am running tor, vidalia 0.1.15 on Mandriva with 
> privoxy.  Tor is running and according to vidalia I can see my 
> node and everything else.

Ok, then there is a node at your IP, right? Did you set Vidalia to
be a node or just a client?

> If I turn on the torbutton in firefox (and check the proxy
> settings) and then go to http://check.torproject.org it gives me
> a nice big "Congratulations" because I'm using tor and then it
> shows the IP...but it is exactly MY IP.  It isn't covered at all
> by tor.

This statement conflicts with what you stated above.
Could it be that your Tor Button for some reason is not rerouting
Firefox through Tor? But your IP does host an (exit?) Tor node, then
you do appear to exit from the Tor network, even if FF is connects
Consider also that there's a certain lag in the node lists
published on web pages, so if your IP hosted a node 'til 10 minutes
ago, you still appear to exit from a listed node.

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