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Re: torcheck failing in reality

On Wed, 18 Aug 2010 17:29:18 +0000 Praedor Atrebates 
<praedor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On Wednesday, August 18, 2010 12:45:05 pm you wrote:
>> I am running tor, vidalia 0.1.15 on Mandriva with 
>privoxy.  Tor is running and according to vidalia I can see my 
>node and everything else.  If I turn on the torbutton in firefox 
>(and check the proxy settings) and then go to 
>http://check.torproject.org it gives me a nice big 
>"Congratulations" because I'm using tor and then it shows the 
>IP...but it is exactly MY IP.  It isn't covered at all by tor.  So 
>why would this page declare that I'm using tor and then provide me 
>with my actual IP address as evidence?

I guess check.torproject.org (btw: you should allways use the https 
version of it) just compairs your source IP with the list of exit-
nodes (what else should it be doing?).

And because your source IP matches with an exit-node:

it will always tell you, that you are using tor even if you don't.

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