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Re: Bigger Thinking [was: Tor Project 2008 Tax Return]

Curious Kid wrote:
>> And what about Microsoft?


>> at least $20M a year. Why would they even consider doing this? To be a good 
>> corporate citizen, to better protect the anonymity of their users, to do their 
>> part to fight the good fight for freedom of speech, and to possibly give them a 
>> chance to one-up Google for once.
> Possibly the fact that they are our enemies and want to end online anonymity.
> Microsoft Exec Calls For 'Driver's License For The Internet'
> http://techdirt.com/articles/20100204/1925188060.shtml

Plus, would you trust Microsoft's (binary only, no doubt) implimentation
of Tor?  I wouldn't

(Yes, I realize that even running a known, good instance of Tor on a
proprietary system can result in that instance of Tor being subverted.)


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