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[tor-talk] JonDo uses Tor v0.2.3.25 SocksPort but not for v0.2.4.20-v0.2.4.23; why?

I've been playing with JAP/JonDo routed through Tor. The JonDo client
has a SOCKS proxy option, and it works well with Tor v0.2.3.25
SocksPorts in Ubuntu 14.04.1 x64. I installed Tor from the Ubuntu 12.04
repository, by the way.

After upgrading Tor to v0.2.4.20, which is default in Ubuntu 14.04, the
JonDo client can no longer use Tor SocksPorts. Upgrading Tor to the
latest v0.2.4.23 doesn't restore that functionality.

Please share insight. I'm guessing that a security fix in Tor, or in
libraries that it uses, has broken something about how the JonDo client
uses SOCKS proxies.

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