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Re: [tor-talk] JonDo uses Tor v0.2.3.25 SocksPort but not for v0.2.4.20-v0.2.4.23; why?

On 08/02/2014 11:48 AM, Mirimir wrote:
> I've been playing with JAP/JonDo routed through Tor. The JonDo client
> has a SOCKS proxy option, and it works well with Tor v0.2.3.25
> SocksPorts in Ubuntu 14.04.1 x64. I installed Tor from the Ubuntu 12.04
> repository, by the way.
> After upgrading Tor to v0.2.4.20, which is default in Ubuntu 14.04, the
> JonDo client can no longer use Tor SocksPorts. Upgrading Tor to the
> latest v0.2.4.23 doesn't restore that functionality.
> Please share insight. I'm guessing that a security fix in Tor, or in
> libraries that it uses, has broken something about how the JonDo client
> uses SOCKS proxies.

Sorry to be talking to myself :(

I find that Tor v0.2.4.19 doesn't work either. So my next step is to
test these interim releases. Are there Debian binaries?


Is anything else between v0.2.3.25 and v0.2.4.14-alpha readily available?
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