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Re: [tor-talk] how many verify their tbb ?

On Sun, 03 Aug 2014 14:26:41 +0000
Patrick Schleizer <patrick-mailinglists@xxxxxxxxxx> allegedly wrote:
> As a maintainer of Whonix I like to note, that I am surprised, that
> there are any Whonix signature downloads from Whonix mirrors at all.
> We directly link Whonix signatures to whonix.org on our download
> page. [1] We don't have a link to signatures pointing to mirrors
> anywhere.


The mirrors are (of necessity) public servers. They contain copies of
the signature files. Inevitably those files will be retrieved at
times. It is possible that some of those retrievals are by search
engines or other 'bots trawling the web. But it is equally possible
that some of the retrievals will have been made by real people -
possibly people who simply wanted to get and compare signatures from
different sources.

The only certain way to ensure that there are no signature downloads
from the mirrors (and this applies to tails as well) is to remove
those signatures from the rsynch masters. If they ain't there, they
can't be copied to the mirrors.



 Mick Morgan
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