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Re: [tor-talk] Onionoo Down/Overwhelmed?

On 03/08/14 10:14, Aymeric Vitte wrote:
> Indeed Onionoo is "quasi down" since some days, most of requests time
> out, I sent an email yesterday to Karsten...
> Regards
> Le 03/08/2014 02:25, Michael Wolf a écrit :
>> It seems like Onionoo has been down the last couple of days.
>> Occasionally I can get a response, but it times out more often than not.
>>   Globe and Atlas also seem to be having trouble communicating with
>> onionoo.  Are the keepers aware of the issue?

Thanks for reporting this problem!

It seems there's a new Onionoo client in town, and it's putting quite
some load on the Onionoo server:


The quick fix was that our sysadmin increased some Apache limits, so
that it can handle more requests in parallel than before.  Apparently,
Tomcat can handle those additional requests just fine.  Thanks, weasel,
for implementing this fix on the weekend!

The better fix will be to make the new Onionoo client a better citizen
by sending fewer requests.  I'm talking to the developer to discuss
possible solutions.  It may take some time for those solutions to be

Always fun to write Internet-facing services!

All the best,

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