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Re: [tor-talk] using torbirdy + thunderbird: domains emailing with dmarc


shmick@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> im a little concerned about the following and still trying to figure it out:
> if multiple parties are using torbirdy with thunderbird and lets say
> some domain owners have dmarc setup with reporting enabled
> other dmarc capable domains (gmail, hotmail) will send back reports with
> the IP used for mail transmission & respond with fail or pass
> essentially you'll see fail every time if you use torbirdy *and* your
> domain is configured with dmarc, and its going to leak the IP you sent
> email from (logged in with thunderbird to send) defeating the purpose of
> using torbirdy
> the dmarc queries are going out in the usual clear dns
> are there any other shortcomings here that are of concern?
> is dmarc reporting too privacy invasive in this situation to bother
> implementing, and better left to business/companies ?
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