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Re: [tor-talk] Android app: orWall


After all, it wasn't that bad I had to rename it: we will add support
for i2p socks and tunnels shortly, meaning orwall may become something
like a Personal Privacy Routing App (well, ok, not routing "as is",
because we'll still use iptable in order to force app traffic through
tor or any i2p tunnel) :).

For information: current version is 0.13 Beta (yesss!), and it's pretty
stable and nice.
Support for Tethering (through Tor of course) and other network-related
things have been added, and are working fine.

Coming soon (hopefully): it should be added to f-droid repository (I
opened a thread on the submission queue), and, as soon as ciphernet
library has some more support regarding tor configuration (in order to
get orbot ports, mostly), we will integrate orbot support in a far
better way than now, allowing, among other things, to automatically
update its configuration if orbot ports change.
This will also help in order to get i2p support via a new api/library
being developed right now.

So. I'm pretty happy seeing this app getting some interest.
I'm also happy we can find a name satisfying anybody (though I wasn't
that sure about "orwall" at the beginning).
And I hope this app will be, once, listed somewhere as a
"privacy-aware-helper" app ;).

Don't hesitate to test it, report bugs, ask for features and so.
Just keep in mind its aim is to provide a userfriendly interface to
iptables in order to manage connections through
tor/local-privacy-services, not an iptables "multipurpose" interface ;).


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