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Re: [tor-talk] Police arrest

On 8/7/2014 10:21 AM, krishna e bera wrote:
On 14-08-07 11:06 AM, mick wrote:
This is worrying.


If this reporting is accurate, it implies that UK City of London Police
may be co-operating with copyright enforcers in closing down a service
which bypasses an ISP filter.

A logical extension to this would be arrest of any UK VPN or Tor
operator for "facilitating" access to sites which have been blocked by
ISP filters.

As many of the commenters on the Register post have said, "what crime
has been committed here"?
Exactly the question.  Does UK have an injunction process, where you can
get a judge to order police to cease and desist enforcement of some
infringement complaints, if enforcement is causing greater harm than good?
It is essentially a civil/contractual dispute between copyright holders
and individuals, better to let it happen and let copyright holders file
lawsuits to recover for alleged damages if there are any at all.

Right. I don't understand the criminal aspect of this, unless somehow the "copy righted" material is also a criminal offense to distribute / possess.
Since the latter isn't true, what qualifies this as a criminal offense?

Is this classed as "theft?" If you stole enough video tapes / DVDs to be a worth their time, the police might arrest you. Do laws concerning this make it a criminal offense? If not, people don't usually get arrested for civil violations.

But it also appeared that providing means to access sites that were "banned," was also classed as a *criminal* offense. I'm not sure that one would hold up in the highest courts of various countries. "We told you not to go to that site - now you'll have to go to time out." (punished like a small child)
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