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Re: [tor-talk] Police arrest

On 14-08-07 11:06 AM, mick wrote:
> This is worrying.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/08/07/london_cops_close_down_site_arrest_suspect/
> If this reporting is accurate, it implies that UK City of London Police
> may be co-operating with copyright enforcers in closing down a service
> which bypasses an ISP filter. 
> A logical extension to this would be arrest of any UK VPN or Tor
> operator for "facilitating" access to sites which have been blocked by
> ISP filters.
> As many of the commenters on the Register post have said, "what crime
> has been committed here"?

Exactly the question.  Does UK have an injunction process, where you can
get a judge to order police to cease and desist enforcement of some
infringement complaints, if enforcement is causing greater harm than good?
It is essentially a civil/contractual dispute between copyright holders
and individuals, better to let it happen and let copyright holders file
lawsuits to recover for alleged damages if there are any at all.

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