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[tor-talk] deleting publicly posted content

On 14-08-08 04:01 AM, grarpamp wrote:
> [Rant aside, people have a right to be forgotten, and those, like CL,
> who willfully disregard that right, without verbosely or obviously
> saying so in context (ie: mailing lists obviously have self-run, even
> public, archives... that you cannot 'delete'), ... need to be exposed.]

There is no inherent "right to forget" anything that ever happens in
public, because that would require invading people's minds and archives.
 Court decisions requiring Google to delete correct information from
search results are misguided - if anything they should require fuller
search results showing the context and followup events (for example,
information that may have exonerated the persons in question).

Archives that are not subject to jurisdictional or changing legal
currents, are a good use case for Tor hidden services.

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