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Re: [tor-talk] Craigslist now blocking all Tor IPs? bad people use Tor

> Yet you neglect to both
> - fully qualify and describe those abusive requests here
> - state how many of the exact same thing you see from clearnet in a
> day
> Without such, the above report is unfortunately unqualified anti-tor
> FUD.

Of course I see no reason to indicate my involvement with the site in
question on this mailing list. :) If you want to call it FUD then
that's fine with me but you may want to ask yourself this simple
question: Why do people outright block Tor? Could it be that they do so
because they also see the same thing?

>> I fully understand why many people do not want this cost
> Cost? What cost? One (perhaps failed) request every 8.64 seconds?
> Really? Where can I mail you a dollar for your bandwidth.

Thank you. My BTC address is 18KyuTqQz5eM9BSsvf2RXjr5u6o57tUGSR

> 'Your site'? So you deploy ads in people's faces and complain that
> people use adblockers against you?
> And shareholders... based on a model that people hate and whose
> minds do pretty well at ignoring even without blockers? Lol, remind
> me to 'invest' elsewhere in things people like. Or at least start
> accepting cash donations/payments in the mail, or Bitcoin. Oh, but
> that might cost you to do work to open mail. Oy vey.

Yes. Selling advertisements do increase shareholder value. Accepting
donations do not. There are almost zero people who donate and that one
person who donates 0.005 BTC per month is not enough to pay costs and
pay dividends.

If anyone is wondering why she hates shareholders so much, watch this
documentary from 2003:

> > from the Tor network without blocking it but implementing these
> Deal with clearnet properly and you will have done with Tor as well.

This is true and a very good point. Spammers gonna spam and it does not
make a big difference if they use Tor or a botnet. Many sites therefore
deal with these in the same way, they grab a big list and block them.

There are, as I said, better ways to deal with this. The trick is to
make it costly (require some form of human labor/interaction) to make
an account yet cheap enough so that legitimate actual people do create

> > bottom line just to please the two Tor users who are not abusive
> > then
> Just two non abusive users? Reference please.

I was exaggerating, sorry. Most sites (smaller, anyway) have zero
legitimate Tor users.

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