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[tor-talk] Three questions

Hi sorry if wrong list.
Well first of all, thanks for developing and supporting Tor !!

We are trying to build a decent email service and have two questions that weren't able to answer on our own :)

1. when running a service as a hidden service, for example a web server, the client IP address is always Is there a way to have some more 'unique' information about the visitor, in order to mitigate a DDOS attack ?

2. when I connect to a hidden service, as a client, for example using TBB or ssh, does any of the nodes in the circuit know my final destination ?
Or Tor is so great that also the onion name is encrypted end-to-end ? :)

3. about connecting to ssh as a hidden service: many howtos explain to edit ~/.ssh/config and add a 'ProxyCommand' definition, for example this resource: http://unethicalblogger.com/2012/06/13/ssh-as-a-hidden-service.html but we found that also torsocks (for example: torsocks ssh root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) works well. We did some (simple) packet sniffing and analysis and weren't able to find any leak. We prefer using torsocks because if you forget to add the ProxyCommand definition (thus trying to directly connect to the onion address), the onion address may be DNS leaked.

What do you think about using torsocks to connect to ssh as a hidden service ?

Thank you very much for your attention and sorry again if wrong list,
RuggedInbox team
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