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[tor-talk] Tor Research Framework update

Hi all

I thought I'd give you an update on where the Tor Research Framework is now
at as there's been lots of development over the last few weeks. At present,
the framework is a largely fully functional tor client with code that is
easy to read, follow and crucially change for custom functionality.

URL: https://github.com/drgowen/tor-research-framework


The examples exercise a big chunk of the functionality so in the examples
directory, we now have examples on how to do:

- Circuit building, Random circuits based on flags, etc
- Building HS circuits and establishing streams to their service
- Consensus parsing examples
- RELAY_EARLY scanner - scans HSDirs looking for RELAY_EARLYs coming the
wrong way (aka the recent Blackhat deanon attack)
- Tor SOCKS Proxy and PortForwarder

The examples are here:

The RELAY_EARLY scanner took around five minutes to write for example and
didn't require modifying core library code.

Work in progress

Fuzzer: We also have another chap (twilsonb) working on a fuzzing framework
for Tor that is capable of fuzzing the protocol and directory services -
although this is at early stage I'm sure he'd welcome help from anyone

Relay: We're working on building the capability to act as a Tor relay with
examples for building malicious guard nodes that deny circuits or do
correlation attacks.

Naturally, we'll also look later down the line at optionally integrating
with the shadow simulator for research which shouldn't be done on the live

If anyone is interested in helping out then please dont hesitate to get in


Dr Gareth Owen
Senior Lecturer
School of Computing, University of Portsmouth

Tel: 02392 846423
Web: ghowen.me
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