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Re: [tor-talk] Free Decentralized VOIP over Tor

Hi Terry,

terryz@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Hi,
> Has there been any proposals to develop a free decentralized VOIP
> network for Tor?

Mumble, best known as a voice groupchat software for gamers, has been
the subject of some Tor experiments, because it has Push to Talk support
to help deal with high latency, and because it can be configured to use
TCP only--unlike most VoiP applications, which use a combination of TCP
and UDP. There are both desktop and mobile clients, and self-hosting a
Mumble instance on a hidden service is feasible. This isn't federated,
AFAIK, though, unlike SIP or XMPP voice chat, so it would only scale to
the smallish group that was using the same Mumble service.

See e.g.


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