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[tor-talk] Scaling Tor

Hi Tor-Talk,

I am interested in the scaling limits to Tor and what present the bottlenecks to Tor’s future expansion.  I have looked into the documentation available and see that Tor has far exceeded initial projections through structural changes to the relationships between clients, DA’s and relays.

Two of the bottle necks identified in dir-spec (section 0.3 Some Remaining Questions) are that having every client know about every relay; and to have every Directory Cache to know about every router won’t scale ad infinitum.

Is there a known threshold that on the horizon that you are aware of but don’t need to address at this stage?
What are the limiting factors to the unchallenged scaling up of Tor to the multiple million users and nodes?

I would like some guidance in where these pinch points are so as to research this in greater detail.

Yours sincerely

Mike Fikuart IEng MIET

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