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Re: [tor-talk] Who do I ask about purchasing additional Tor t-shirts (~5-10)?

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On 8/20/2014 4:20 AM, I wrote:
> I wasn't inviting junk email to everyone on this list.

I am sorry, I ment no disrespect, no sarcasm. Just saying that when
you pay ~25 eur for a T shirt and you know the material is good
(cotton, no synthetic stuff which smells funny) don't know what else
you might expect from such a T shirt. Probably their lifetime depends
on more factors like usage, washing times, bla bla :) clothing theory.

When I buy such a T-shirt I only look for the material, if it's cotton
then I buy it thinking I indirectly support a project or organization
I care about. The longer it lasts, the better but this is last on the

Hope it sounds better now.

> I was looking for a long lasting shirt because it represents the
> value I place on Tor and the large amount of time and money
> expended on the up to 40 relays and exits I have had at times.

Thanks for this.

> If people wear their Tor prize shirt for years they may well keep
> their relays or exits running too.
> Robert
>> On 8/20/2014 3:48 AM, I wrote:
>>> Juris,
>>> Are you shirts nice and thick and long lasting? The TORproject
>>> ones are pretty thin.
>>> Robert
> from a drongo
>> It's a T shirt for crying out loud. you buy it to support an 
>> organization you like and to wear a message you agree with /
>> support. I don't think it will last as a Louis Vuitton one.
>> Are you buying it to wear it at a wedding or a super important
>> meeting? - -- s7r
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