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Re: [tor-talk] Passing links from command line to Tor Browser

++ 31/07/15 23:49 +0200 - jonas hedman:
>Hi, I'm wondering if it might be possible to pass links from command the
>command line into a already open and running tor browser?
>I've managed to open TBB to a specific urls on startup by adding
>no-remote to the "./firefox..." lines in the start-tor-browser script.
>But how about passing links into a open tor browser? When I try I get
>the "Tor Browser is already running, but is not responding..."-error

See here:


Which basically boils down to: add the "-no-remote" option when the 
browser is starting. This can be done by editing the script that is used 
for starting the Tor-browser (and keep in mind, any update will 
overwrite your changes).

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