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Re: [tor-talk] mar-tools changelog?

Cain Ungothep:
> Hi guys.
> I posted this as a comment in the blog a few days ago, with no answer so
> far.
> I've been experimenting with manual incremental updates and noticed that
> the "mar-tools-linux64.zip" file in the distribution directory changes
> between Tor Browser releases (the executables inside the archive also
> change).
> I've seen it change at least twice between the two most recent releases.
> The signatures were good.
> Questions:
> 1. Is the source in the tools being updated or is this some artifact
> of the build/distribution system?

I guess it depends. If we use a new toolchain then I'd expect a
different SHA-256 sum. If not, there might be things Mozilla does to the
source files between point releases which we pick up.

> 2. If the source changes, are you guys doing that or are you just
> pulling from Mozilla?

We are pulling from Mozilla. There is one exception though: we needed to
patch some code (+ backport some Mozilla patches) to get the updater
working as we wanted. But this code is nothing what changes between
releases without being announced in the changelog. (see:
for the current version)

> 3. Is there a changelog anywhere?

Yes, you'll find it in the respective release announcements on our blog
and in the tor-browser-bundle git repository:


> Thanks!

You are welcome.


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