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Re: [tor-talk] Latest update fails to carry NoScript whitelist forward.

> Today I updated my Tor installations on GNU/Linux and Windoze 8.1.  In
> both cases, the update program carried forward my bookmarks, but did not
> transfer the list of URL's in NoScript's whitelist.  It just took a
> moment to find an old white list and fix things.
> This is hardly the bug of the week.  I just mention this because
> beginning two updates ago, both bookmarks and whitelist URL's were
> carried forward.  Before then I had to export them to files, update Tor,
> and then import them.  I got lulled into complacency, I guess, and
> stopped doing that.

This is probably bug 16730: NoScript updated the whitelist sometimes
which is pretty dangerous in our context and we don't allow that anymore.


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