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[tor-talk] Key rotation - new key for future RPM packages


since the old RPM key signing key expires today, so I created a new one with
following fingerprint:

E273 44C4 BD24 BEDF E4F4  C741 803F EFB7 F4B8 5E0F

The Tor RPM page is updated with the new fingerprint for double-checking

The new key is at the location of the old key:

Alternatively, you can import it by (as root) :

gpg --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys F4B85E0F
gpg -a --export E27344C4BD24BEDFE4F4C741803FEFB7F4B85E0F > tpo.asc
rpm --import tpo.asc

I'll post this notice one more when the packages are made for next Tor version
signed with the new key.


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