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[tor-talk] Tor 0.2.5+ can not connect Freenode hidden service anymore


I can not connect Freenode IRC hidden service via Tor after upgrading
it to 0.2.5+ and/or 0.2.6+. I can connect Freenode hidden service with
Tor 0.2.4.x before without problem. I have tried all its different
address (frxleqtzgvwkv7oz.onion, p567hbjdstqvg7xw.onion,
2hktdmgt6bg2hjuc.onion and l4wvhvf666nifnpg.onion) with many different
ports combination (i.e. +6697, +7000, etc). All connection are failed.
My proxy setting is, the error message always is: *
Proxy: Connection refused, so I think the problem is not Freenode
side. Please help. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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