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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] freehaven question.

> The project called Free Haven never got finished, because of the hard
> research questions described on the front page:
> https://www.freehaven.net/

Where does (or should) the line or guidepath go on such projects
in the space between say bulletproof (for all, most, or some use cases),
and good enough for same?

When does (or should) movement occur from one reasonably well
explored technology path, onto another exploration path combining
newer research / architecture / tech even if wholesale, when the former
is thought may no longer meet current / evolving threats for all, most,
or some use cases, as may have been rightly thought for the former
at its formative time in the past?

Feel free to quote and rethread with a better subject
as this one is probably not a good fit.
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