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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] anonymous file storage was "freehaven question".

Maybe "anonymous file storage" is a better subject ?

I'm posting it on tor-talk too, and we can follow the
discussion there.

And back to the topic, maybe it would be possible to
set up a pilot-test so one could see how many use
cases free haven could properly solve.

If I didn't understand from "freehaven.net", just cyphering
and splitting a file among many servers could be useful.


>> The project called Free Haven never got finished, because of the hard
>> research questions described on the front page:
>> https://www.freehaven.net/
> Where does (or should) the line or guidepath go on such projects
> in the space between say bulletproof (for all, most, or some use cases),
> and good enough for same?
> When does (or should) movement occur from one reasonably well
> explored technology path, onto another exploration path combining
> newer research / architecture / tech even if wholesale, when the former
> is thought may no longer meet current / evolving threats for all, most,
> or some use cases, as may have been rightly thought for the former
> at its formative time in the past?
> Feel free to quote and rethread with a better subject
> as this one is probably not a good fit.

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