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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] anonymous file storage was "freehaven question".


> Maybe "anonymous file storage" is a better subject ?
> I'm posting it on tor-talk too, and we can follow the discussion
> there.
> And back to the topic, maybe it would be possible to set up a
> pilot-test so one could see how many use cases free haven could
> properly solve.
> If I didn't understand from "freehaven.net", just cyphering and
> splitting a file among many servers could be useful.

I have used the Aktie application
<http://i2pwiki.i2p/index.php?title=Aktie> and Tahoe-LAFS with I2P for
filesharing some time and both worked fine. Something like that or OFS
or an distributed, "global OnionShare" (not only friend-to-friend),
povided over a Tor Onion Service client, would be imo fine to store,
share or online-backup files. Or is a more centralized anonymous data
(cloud) haven meant to store files permanently?

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