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Re: [tor-talk] Curious about the Zwiebelfreunde incident - are there any updates?


On 13.08.2018 07:47, Anders Andersson wrote:
> I recently went through the mailing list archive to catch up on events
> in the Tor world, and one thing that worried me a lot was the June 20
> police raid on Zwiebelfreunde[1].
> According to the blog entry, the initial request for returning the
> equipment was denied. Are there any further updates to the case that
> you can share to those of us who are overly curious?

No further updates from what we wrote in the blog: The case is pending
review by the Landgericht, until then everything else is blocked. They
accepted our request for "sealing" and cannot legally continue the
analysis until the court decision.

Unfortunately we cannot publish any of the communication yet, because it
is illegal to cite from documents in ongoing legal cases, but basically
we (our lawyers) are arguing that this was clear overreach and
disproportionate action against 'witnesses'.

I doubt much will happen over the rest of the summer. Everyone seems to
be on vacation.

Moritz Bartl

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