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[tor-talk] Invitation to participate of the Secure Messaging Summit

Dear, list,

We are organizing a Secure Messaging Summit, a place where people from
different places (academia, industry, open source implementations, and
legal/political perspectives) talk about the latest problems and
advancements on the secure messaging sphere. This is an online event but
you need to register. More details over here:

It will run for two days: the 3rd and 4th of September, 2020, centered
around times convenient to the morning in the Americas, the afternoon in
Europe and Africa, and the evening in Western Asia.

On the first day, we have a set of speakers:

- Rosario Gennaro speaking around deniability and the simulation paradigm,
- Nik Unger speaking around usability and secure messaging,
- Paul Rösler speaking around concurrent group ratcheting,
- Daniel Kales speaking around mobile private contact discovery,
- Thomas Ristenpart speaking around message franking,
- Raphael Robert speaking around group messaging

On the second day, we have a set of people speaking in a panel. The
topics of the panel will be sent next week; but manly the idea is
to talk about the threats/challenges that secure messaging faces from a
legal/political and even sociological perspective in different regions.
We will have perspectives from Hong Kong, Latin America, US, Tibet and
more. The participants are:

* Danny O'Brien from EFF
* Erica Portnoy from EFF
* Glacier Kwong from Keyboard Freedom
* Lobsang Gyatso from the Tibetan Action Institute
* Carolina Botero from Fundacion Karisma
* Paulina Gutiérrez from Article 19

One can register here:
or you can send an email, as outlined here:
Registration closes on the 30 of August.

As stated, further information can be found here:

Register if you are interested!

Thank you!

Secure Messaging Summit
September 3 and 4, 2020
Sofía Celi
Cryptographic research and implementation at many places, but mainly at
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