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Re: [tor-talk] secure website hosting over tor

About whonix not necessarily virtualbox, actually its better to use KVM or Qubes/Xen OS.

And virtualization is better than containers, plus docker update mechanism just security sucks.

if you know about sysadmin and know how to use things for anonymity (e.g avoid leaky stuff like apache and use instead nginx and so on...) reading the source and playing with it and stuff like that is something extra not mandatory to maintain secure hidden services.

maboiteaspam spammaboite:

I am really interested in running a website over tor and announcing it.
I already know how to do that, and it is already working for non sensitive
information. I have to say this was awesome to be able to run a website
with zero configuration, I really love that.

Although I am afraid my current setup is not secure and can be easily

Thus i would like to know if you can help me to find the right information
to get it correct.

Where can I learn more about securing my setup without reading the source
code and understanding the whole machinery ?

Apart, I have read it is better to use whonix, or alike. Though they talked
about using a VM, thus virtualbox.

Can I run this using Docker instead ?

Thanks a lot for your inputs and suggestions.

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