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Re: Reproducible crash with tor0.0.9rc6-win32 and https

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 08:41:13AM -0500, Jesse Kornblum wrote:
> I have found a reproducible crash with tor version 0.0.9rc6 on Windows. 
> Any time I try to load a secure web page (https), TOR crashes and 
> produces the following error message:
> Debug Assertion Failed!
> Program: C:\Program Files\Tor\tor.exe
> File: isctype.c
> Line: 68
> Expression: (unsigned)(c+1) <= 256

Hi, Jesse!  My apologies for not answering earlier.

We traced this bug to a side-effect of an earlier fix for compilation
on Solaris.  Unfortunately, this fix was subtly broken on platforms
that used signed char by default, and was very broken on windows with
non-ASCII characters.

We will have an rc7 out within a day or so that should fix this
problem and a few others.

Thanks for your patience,
Nick Mathewson

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