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Re: Confusing (error?) messages for a none tech-saavy user.

On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 02:54:27AM -0700, Roderic wrote:

> >Dec 12 10:31:32.813 [warn] conn_close_if_marked(): Conn (addr, fd 9, type >App, state 10) still wants to flush. 
> >Losing 935 bytes! (Marked at relay.c:741)

> My questions are: What do they mean? Are they "dangerous"? Can they/do they need to be fixed? (I am currently running the 
> 0.0.9rc7 client.)

Thanks for the message!  You're right; this wasn't a very good log
message, and we think we've made it better in 0.0.9 and (the
latest release).

You would see this message if a connection has to be closed, but we
still had some data to write on the connection.  This can happen when
an application closes a connection without reading all of its data,
and for many other reasons.  It's nothing to worry about, and it
doesn't produce a [warn] message in the latest releases.

Hope this helps,
Nick Mathewson

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