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Confusing (error?) messages for a none tech-saavy user.

I have been running a Tor Client for a couple of months now and have
always received a lot of (error?) messages from the Tor console:

>Dec 12 10:22:53.009 [notice] connection_ap_expire_beginning(): Stream is 15 seconds >late on address 
>'www.diepunyhumans.com'. Retrying.
>Dec 12 10:22:53.011 [warn] circuit_log_path(): circ (length 3, exit Tonga): >schnarpf(open) tor26(open) Tonga(open)
>Dec 12 10:31:32.813 [warn] conn_close_if_marked(): Conn (addr, fd 9, type >App, state 10) still wants to flush. 
>Losing 935 bytes! (Marked at relay.c:741)
>Dec 12 10:31:32.815 [notice] Caught sigpipe. Ignoring.

My questions are: What do they mean? Are they "dangerous"? Can they/do they need to be fixed? (I am currently running the 
0.0.9rc7 client.)

If anyone could shed some light onto what they mean, I would be very great-full.

- Roderic