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Re: Tor a Virus?

I got the same message or one very similar to it for tor0.0.9 I believe.
I just nuked it and went to re DL and saw: tor- so I got that instead.
I am running AVG 7.0 latest defs

Good to know I'm not crazy. That's the same thing that I did, but I wonder if someone hasn't found a way to backdoor Tor. I guess that's why we have been advised to run Tor as an unprivileged user and in a chrooted jail on *nix. I run Tor on a dedicated Linux platform and don't want to see it rooted.

My whole reason for the post was to make sure that the users of the network, and the developers were aware that either by design or by accident, that Tor is being reported as a virus/backdoor proxy. Maybe it's being read wrong, or maybe someone found a way to manipulate the code and exploit the network contrary to it's design, or maybe it's just another method of control by the proverbial "Man" to keep the masses thinking they have some sort of anonymity while monitoring their every move. I dunno.

Enough of my rant, what I do know is, the world needs some sort of outlet for free thinking, free speaking individuals. I can only hope that this network doesn't get censored like Jap and others.