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.TB (= Tor + Custom Gentoo LiveCD)

FYI: Hacktivismo, a group of international developers, human rights
activists, geeks
and strong crypto advocates, has created a 'LiveCD' version of Gentoo Linux that
boots from a self-encrypted CD and comes with tor+privoxy enabled by default
for anonymity and privacy all common TCP-based applications.

Composing this LiveCD proved how easy to setup and use tor is - in our opinion,
the easiest and best of all current strong crypto/anonymity/privacy
applications, and
we decided for Gentoo Linux because of its 'build fully from source'
option for highest
paranoia requirements:), as well as highly customizability. This is
afawk the first Linux LiveCD
that anyone may built from scratch from trusted sources in a fully
customizable and configurable
fashion, hence the name .tb - Trusted Build (pronounced "Dot Tee
Bee"). The do-it-yourself
package to build this LiveCD is just about 60 MBytes, the .iso around
650 MBytes.

This project is still in an early beta phase - please do not use it if
you'd really depend on it.

Download: http://sf.net/projects/hacktivismo
LiveCD: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/hacktivismo/trustedbuild.img?download

Regards, Antagon
Hacktivismo - http://www.hacktivismo.com