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Re: Debian Install Broken

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Phreakx07 wrote:

> I tried what you said & it helped a little, but not a lot. Basically
> when I install tor using the apt-get command, it initializes the tor
> daemon.

> Phreakx07:/etc/init.d# ./tor start
> Starting tor daemon: tor...
> Dec 20 16:11:43.537 [notice] tor_init(): Tor v0.0.9.1. This is
> experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity.
> done.

/etc/init.d/tor (as root) is the proper way to start it.

Use 'ps xauf | grep tor' to see if it's already running.

> It acts likes it's starting while I try to initialize it as root, but
> I don't get any messages that I'm connecting to any mixes after that.
> Nor does it work when I set Firefox to use socks 5 on port 9050, or
> 8118 with privoxy. So something isn't working, any other ideas on what
> it might be? Thanks for your help!

consult /var/log/tor/log

try 'socksify lynx www.noreply.org'.

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