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Re: Tor a Virus?

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Nick Mathewson wrote:

Given that the complaint is that Tor is a "trojan horse proxy", my
guess is that one of the following is true:

Hi Nick,

One other possible scenario that you didn't list:

5. Maybe someone with a black hat has made a kit containing some
remote exploit tools combined with specially configured tor, which
probably uses its own network (instead of connecting to the public
network we are part of) and allows connecting to SMTP port. They
could be running the exploit to install their custom configured
tor. They could then use their tor network to launch other kinds
of attacks or to spam. One of the victims with an infected computer
could have contacted her preferred AV vendor who has then added tor
to their virus signature files without bothering to figure out what
tor really is (not malware).

Janne Snabb