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Re: Torpark problems

Absolutely you can have multiple Torparks on your computer. Since they
are modular, just create another directory and drop one in there.

And in order to install extensions, in the address bar type
"about:config" and hit enter. Find xpinstall.enabled, and set it to
True. You might also have to change your cache size from 0 to say
10MB, then when it is isntalled, turn the cache back to 0.


On 12/3/05, Ben Clifford <rhodopsin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have now sorted out my TorPark issue. Just took off TorPark and
> reinstalled. So, now it is working great. Thanks guy. Now I want ask:
> 1) Is it possible to add any Firefox extensions to TorPark? For instance, I
> want to add the Adsense Notifier extension.
> https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=500&application=firefox
> 2) Is it possible to have multiple versions of Torpark on your desktop? For
> instance, have one version that has the Adsense Notifier extension. Another
> that does not.