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Re[2]: Whitedust article, Tor USB Product

Hello ADB,

Why  pay  anything  when  you  can  have it for free, and for windows?



Tuesday, December 13, 2005, 1:24:58 AM, you wrote:

> An associated article on OSNews points to a new tor-based
> embeddedLinux-on-USB-stick product called  Tor Desktop: Virtual
> Privacy Machine(http://www.virtualprivacymachine.com/products.html).
> It sells for $45,and this might be a convenient option for some
> people, especially thosewho are less technically adept and/or who
> have to use public or workcomputers that they can't/aren't allowed
> to install programs or orreconfigure.
>     Thoughts?

> ~ADB

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> Void Beast wrote:
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> I know this is an old article 
> (http://www.whitedust.net/article/28/Tor:%20The%20Ying%20or%20the%20Yang?/)
> but I just now read it for the first time... 
> Looks like torizens get a bad rep to start out with, so we have a lotof
> ground to make up. 
> What do you think? 
> Is tor just a fast way to bounce connections for crackers? 
> Or do we have a seriously powerful tool for everyone on both sides ofthe
> line here? 
> Where do you think the future of tor lies? 
> Note: This is an attempt to start an actual conversation. So don't 
> misinterpret my intentions or anything. 
> Beast 
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