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Re[2]: Whitedust article, Tor USB Product

Hello ADB,

Torpark  IS the self-contained usb thing with Firefox and Thunderbird,
at  least  thunderbird  should be expected within the next few months.
And  the  latest version was released less than a month ago I believe.
I'm  building  another  version very soon, if I can get some more help
from programmers. I should also have a Tor firefox plugin available in
the future as well.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005, 9:32:08 PM, you wrote:

> Some would argue that it's just the free market doing it's
> thing,and some entrepreneur is cashing in ;D. What's the name of
> thatself-contained, 'USB-stick' Thurnderbird and Firefox? I can't
> think ofthe name right now. It would probably be really easy for
> Arrakis to addthis to his project. The one thing that's nice about
> VPM though is thatit is cross-platform and contains a few extra
> security features thatwould be hard for a non-geek to configure. The
> reason I say this isbecause there are many dedicated freedom
> activists in the US and aroundthe world that are just dying
> (sometimes literally) for something likethis, but don't have the
> technical know-how to self-implement.

> Arrakis, do you need help with TorPark? If so, I'd be willing to chipin, at least to a degree.

> ~ADB

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> Void Beast wrote:
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> Indeed it would... Paying for privacy? I don't think that's quiteright.
> Grr. 
> Beast 
> mary wrote: 
>> It would be quite easy to build on of these yourself and place iton a
>> flashcard, digital camera or what have you.  Make it a weekendproject.
>> -m 
>> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, ADB wrote: 
>>> An associated article on OSNews points to a new tor-basedembedded 
>>> Linux-on-USB-stick product called  Tor Desktop: VirtualPrivacy Machine
>>> (http://www.virtualprivacymachine.com/products.html).It sellsfor $45,
>>> and this might be a convenient option for some people,especially those
>>> who are less technically adept and/or who have to use publicor work
>>> computers that they can't/aren't allowed to install programsor or 
>>> reconfigure. 
>>>   Thoughts? 
>>> ~ADB 
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Best regards,
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