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Re[2]: Whitedust article, Tor USB Product

Hello ADB,

I  use  his.  John  contacted me recently and wanted to make a special
version  specifically  for  Torpark.  So I'm willing to work with him,
maybe if he gets back together with me on the specifics we can produce
it for the next version of torpark.


Thursday, December 15, 2005, 12:09:33 AM, you wrote:

> Yeah that thing. Do you just use his packaged binaries for
> TorPark,or do you 'roll your own'?

> ~Andrew

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> Matt Thorne wrote:
> it is called Portable firefox. it is made by John Haller, and can be
> got from his new site portableapps.com

> He knows.

> On 12/14/05, ADB <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> No but what about that project that is compact FF and TB by itself, out of
> the context of Tor entirely? I don't even know if the developers of that
> even know Tor exists. If I could remember what it's called, I could tell you
> but I can't. I think they post updates on majorgeeks.com though.

> The domain Phoenixoflight.org is for sale!

> Arrakistor wrote:
> Hello ADB, 


> Torpark IS the self-contained usb thing with Firefox and 

> Thunderbird, 


> at least thunderbird should be expected within the next few 

> months. 


> And the latest version was released less than a month ago I 

> believe. 


> I'm building another version very soon, if I can get some more 

> help 


> from programmers. I should also have a Tor firefox plugin available 

> in 


> the future as well.

> ST

> Tuesday, December 13, 2005, 9:32:08 PM, you 

> wrote: 



> Some would argue that it's just the free market doing it's 


> thing,and some 

> entrepreneur is cashing in ;D. What's the name of 


> thatself-contained, 

> 'USB-stick' Thurnderbird and Firefox? I can't 


> think ofthe name right now. It 

> would probably be really easy for 


> Arrakis to addthis to his project. The one 

> thing that's nice about 


> VPM though is thatit is cross-platform and contains 

> a few extra 


> security features thatwould be hard for a non-geek to configure. 

> The 


> reason I say this isbecause there are many dedicated freedom
> activists 

> in the US and aroundthe world that are just dying 


> (sometimes literally) for 

> something likethis, but don't have the 


> technical know-how to 

> self-implement. 



> Arrakis, do you need help with TorPark? If so, I'd be willing to chipin, at
> least to a degree. 



> ~ADB 




> Thedomain Phoenixoflight.org is for sale! 




> Void Beast wrote: 


> Hash: SHA256 


> Indeed it would... Paying for privacy? I don't think that's quiteright.


> Grr. 



> Beast 




> mary wrote: 




> It would be quite easy to build on of these yourself and place iton
> a 


> flashcard, digital camera or what have you.  Make it a weekendproject.

> -m 

> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, ADB wrote: 

> An associated article on OSNews points to a new tor-basedembedded 


> Linux-on-USB-stick product called  Tor Desktop: VirtualPrivacy 

> Machine 


> (http://www.virtualprivacymachine.com/products.html).It 

> sellsfor $45, 


> and this might be a convenient option for some 

> people,especially those 


> who are less technically adept and/or who have to 

> use publicor work 


> computers that they can't/aren't allowed to install 

> programsor or 


> reconfigure.
>    Thoughts?

> ~ADB 






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