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Re: [declan@well.com: [Politech] E.U. Parliament votes to force "data retention" on telecom, Net firms [priv]]

You know it will though, Nile. Considering the EU's (Ewww? :D) and European states' history on these things, I would be EXTREMELY surprised if the status quo from over here in America isn't intensified even more over there, especially in the UK, France, and Germany. I'll bet you 10 Euros on it.


nile wrote:
Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe the laws do not require
holding onto the content of the call/data, just the routing information
or phone numbers. If so, it's interesting to note that that's exactly
what Tor is for - defeating _traffic_ analysis.

It will be interesting to see how Europe's reaction to
radicalism/terrorism compares with the US's. Hopefully, it doesn't turn
into politicians flinging poo and "soft on terrorism" charges at each