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[rishab@dxm.org: Re: [silk] inside the Great FireWall...]

I'm seeing plenty of Torpark chinese downloads. Do we know that these do
actually work?

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using torpark [1] i was able to google for "shanwei" which the IHT says i should not be able to do [2] and download pictures [3].

1.  well... after a few mins, the tor connection died. now can't connect to any site with tor. so i can't find the torpark url. but ssh still works.
2. IHT.com, asia section,  "China's tight lid on village shootings", pg 7. from nytimes. sorry, can't connect now to find url, have paper in front of me. "until tuesday, web users who [searched  on google for] Shanwei, the city with jurisdiction over the village where the demonstration was put down, would find a handful of pages.... after a few screens of information unrelated to the incident, the browsers of users who persisted froze..."
3. http://english.epochtimes.com/news/5-12-10/35613.html

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