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Re: Resolving IP address

On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 07:16:20PM +0200, yGREK heretix wrote:
> This message looks confusing to me
> > Dec 17 22:38:11.677 [notice] Have tried resolving address
> > '' at 3 different places. Giving up.
> Resolving the IP address? Is that normal?

You're right, that's a bad log message. In, it happened only
when you failed to resolve an address. In 0.1.1.x, it also can happen
when you resolved it but keep getting "misc errors" back from the exit
nodes that try to connect.

So I've changed it in CVS to say "resolving or connecting to".

> PS: Where is it appropriate to post bug-reports (if any) -
>  or-dev or or-talk?

Definitely not or-dev.

As Peter said, the best place for bugs is http://bugs.noreply.org/tor
since that way we'll be sure not to lose track of them.